Venue: Lancaster House Hotel conference centre, Green Lane, Lancaster, LA1 4GJ


How does literary celebrity manifest in different genres? To what extent do authors, and ideas of authorship, translate from one medium to another, and how do the different genres themselves contribute to a growing discourse around individual literary celebrities? In this event we look at a graphic novel, film subtitling techniques and practices in projecting a scientific academic persona to probe issues of authorship surrounding individuality, gender, generation, and originality within a multi-genre context. A practical workshop on using twitter as source material for literary research will sustain further reflection on how academic research can engage with open-ended, non-authoritative genres as part of its own canonizing activities.

Confirmed speakers: Mary Talbot (Author), Carol O’Sullivan (Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, Bristol), Adrian Wilson (Senior Lecturer in History of Medicine), Christopher Donaldson (Lecturer in Romanticism, Birmingham), Ian Gregory (Professor of Digital Humanities)


More information, including programme and presentation abstracts, available at the project website: Authors and the World: New Interdisciplinary Approaches to Authorship.