Dr Yuko Kikuchi, University of the Arts London


This two-year project addresses the AHRC’s ‘translating cultures’ highlight notice in design histories. It creates three forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas and formulating a network of design historians working on three design activities: craft/product, graphics and fashion in three East Asia regions: Japan, Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/PRC. The three forums are: (1) a symposium in Tokyo in July 2012; (2) a workshop in Yunlin July 2013; and (3) a symposium in London in May 2014. Each forum will be used to exchange empirical data, debate and identify common and different issues of modernities, while exploring the idea of ‘global design histories’ and the strategies for engagement and connection.   The PI and CO-I are UK based design historians specialising in East Asian design, and will lead the intellectual debate that bridges parallel developments in East Asia and Anglophone centres. Through this structured networking, it is envisaged that many new ideas and critical issues will be identified which enable a contribution to knowledge. The research will propose a ‘global design history’ framework and whereby new ideas for formulating joint international projects funded by East Asian institutions and foundations, will be created. In addition, relationships that will have a long-term impact on teaching and academic studies of design history in the UK will be established.


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