Dr Helena Miguelez-Carballeira, Bangor University


The Network ‘Translation in Non-State Cultures: perspectives from Wales’ aims to foster and facilitate research on translation in Wales from a cultural, historical and theoretical perspective. By promoting these areas of research development and raising awareness of their beneficial potential for translation practice and policy making in Wales, this project aims to address the lack of correspondence between the expanding Welsh translation industry and the scarcity of research in this area, particularly on issues that go beyond language and cultural policy.


Whereas questions such as Bible translation and late twentieth-century translation and interpreting practices have received some attention, there is a shared critical perception that the main theoretical debates of the discipline of Translation Studies have not been brought to bear on the Welsh context, and similarly, that potential Welsh contributions have not made their mark in this discipline. The Network will address a series of interrelated research questions, aimed at bridging these interdisciplinary perspectives, which will fall broadly into the following two categories:


  1. Historical perspectives:


  1. a) How can we further understand the role and function of translation in Wales across history?
  2. b) What would be the possible contents and contours of Welsh-language translation theory and how could we bring this body of writing to the attention of a wider audience through translation and critical discussion?
  3. c) To what extent have translated texts been intrumental in the historical formation of Welsh culture as historically fluctuating between nationhood and mediation?


  1. Contemporary perspectives:


  1. a) Can certain translation-related practices developing in contemporary Wales be understood as reactions to, and effects of, legislated bilingualism in the country?
  2. b) Can certain emerging attitudes to translation in Wales be understood in the context of non-state cultural and political dynamics?
  3. c) How can we assess the symbolic role of translation-related institutions and organisations in Wales and what definitions of translation have been promoted by them?


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