Dr David Clarke, University of Bath
Developing a New Framework for Understanding the Role of Cultural Products in Cultural Diplomacy

Dr Doris Dippold, University of Surrey
ARCTIC: Assessing and Reviewing Cultural Transaction in International Companies

Dr Andrea Esser, Roehampton University
Media Across Borders

Professor Hilary Footitt, University of Reading
Languages and international NGOs: cultural knowledge in communities in crisis

Dr Helena Miguelez-Carballeira, Bangor University
Translation in Non-State Cultures: perspectives from Wales

Dr Vivien Miller, University of Nottingham
Translating Penal Cultures

Dr Mark O’Thomas, University Of Lincoln
Creating Cultural Exchange and Change: the Royal Court Theatre’s international department

Dr Melani Schroeter, University of Reading
Researching and Documenting Key Words in European Migration Discourses

Dr Bambo Luci Soyinka, University of the West of England
Translating Tales of the Trickster

Dr Richard Steadman-Jones, University of Sheffield
Translating Performance

Dr Xiaohui Yuan, University of Nottingham
Translating Cultures in International Dispute Resolution