Professor Susanne Tietze, Keele University

In this AHRC funded project,  scholars from translation studies and scholars from international business/management backgrounds meet with business owners, managers, policy makers, representatives of professional, commercial  and consultative bodies  to explore the demands and realities of multilingual workplaces, which – despite of the use of English as a shared bridge language – require engagement with language work, which includes ongoing translation and interpretation executed frequently by employees who do not have any particular training or background in translation.  While recent research has shown  their work as important and complex, there is still little understanding about their role and contribution.

The aim of this project is  therefore to establish a research network consisting of representatives of businesses, professional bodies, academics and also the ‘paraprofessional’ translators themselves with a view to articulate a collaboratively produced, relevant and rigorous research agenda to explore translation/interpretation in work contexts.  To this end, we will be hosting four events to explore different perspectives and themes as relevant to translation, language and communication work in business and entrepreneurial contexts


Event 1: Goldsmith College, London, UK:  Setting the Scene: The place of translation in multilingual business communities. This launch event will provide the latest research knowledge about translation/interpretation in work contexts as well as identify business needs , perspectives and experiences.


Event 2: Newcastle University, UK:  Our stories, our struggles: perspectives from small and medium sized businesses. This event focuses on the perspectives of small  and medium (incl. micro and start-up) enterprises and how they respond to and manage language diversity and translation requirements within usually limited resources.


Event 3: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland:  Our stories, our struggles: perspectives from multinational corporations. This event focuses on the perspectives of larger organisations, including MNCs and identifies the perspectives, needs and responses of these businesses in terms of how the integrate language diversity and translation into practice and policy.


Event 4: Keele University/New Vic Borderline Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme, UK:  Humorous endings and regimes of enquiry. This event is a celebratory dramatisation of the insights gained from previous events.  Working closely with the artistic director of a community theatre, perspectives and experiences  as identified in previous events will be performed on stage – albeit in a fictionalised manner, which guarantees total anonymity of people and contexts.


 Precise details for each events will be advertised nearer the time. Attendance of events is free, but delegates will have to pay for their own transport and accommodation.  We offer some travel bursaries for doctoral students and early career researchers. For further information, please contact Susanne Tietze:; Sarah Maitland:


Professor Susanne Tietze

Dr Sarah Maitland