Professor Susanne Tietze, Keele University
Translation and Interpretation Work in Multilingual Business Comunities: Roles, persepctives, agency


Dr Kathryn Batchelor, University of Nottingham
Building Images: exploring 21st century Sino-African dynamics through cultural exchange and translation


Dr Rebecca Braun, Lancaster University
The Author and the World: New Interdisciplinary Approaches to Authorship


Dr Louise Hardwick, University of Birmingham
Joseph Zobel: Négritude’s Novelist? The transnational politics of a French Caribbean author working between the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe


Dr Will Johnson and Dr Simon Brodbeck, Cardiff University
Text, Translation, and Interpretation of the Early Krishna Story: the Cardiff Harivamsha Project


Dr Tom Kuhn, University of Oxford
Brecht into English


Professor Chris Perriam, University of Manchester
Transnational Desires


Dr Heather Williams, University of Wales Aberystwyth
European Travellers to Wales 1750-2010


Professor Derek Offord, University of Bristol
The History of the French Language in Russia


Dr Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Saenz, University of Stirling
The Power of Words: Translation, mistranslation and retranslation in the creation of Christian Quechua discourse in Colonial Peru


Professor Hilary Footitt, University of Reading
The Listenting Zones of NGOs


Professor Mona Baker, University of Manchester
Genealogies of Knowledge: The evolution and contestation of concepts across time and space


Dr Lily Kahn, University College London
The First Hebrew Shakespeare Translations


Dr Nicole Thiara, Nottingham Trent University
Writing, Analysing, Translating Dalit Literature


Dr Margherita Laera, University of Kent
Translation, Adaptation, Otherness: ‘Foreignisation’ in theatre practice


Dr Marie-Noëlle Guillot, University of East Anglia
Tapping the Power of Foreign Language Films: Audiovisual translation as cross-cultural mediation