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Title Category Address Description
82 China in Britain: myths and realities Research Networking Awards W1B 2HW
81 Contemporary French Poetic Practice: an interdisciplinary approach Research Networking Awards B15 2TT
80 Textual Ambassadors – Cultures of Diplomacy and Literary Writing in the Early Modern World Research Networking Awards OX1 3PG
79 Westminster in the Caribbean: history, legacies, challenges Research Networking Awards WC1E 6BT
78 Ottoman Pasts, Present Cities: cosmopolitanism and transcultural memories Research Networking Awards LS2 9JT
77 Research Networking Awards DH1 3LE
76 Photography and the Transnational Politics of Affect Research Networking Awards DH1 3LE
75 Towards a History of Modern Foreign Language Teaching and Learning (MFLTL) Research Networking Awards NG7 2QL
74 Key Cultural Texts in Translation Research Networking Awards LE1 7RH
73 Staging China Research Networking Awards LS2 9JT
72 Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories in East Asia for the Global World Research Networking Awards WC1V 7EY
71 Transnational Network for Sexuality, Race and Religion Researchers and Civil Society Actors Research Networking Awards OX33 1HX
70 Defining the Global Middle Ages Research Networking Awards OX1 4BH
69 Researching Multilingually Research Networking Awards DH1 3LE
68 Re-Enacting the Silk Road: transnational encounters for the 21st Century Research Networking Awards NG7 2QL
67 The Power of Print: Dutch propaganda for a new Russia Research Networking Awards CB3 9BB
66 Translating Freedom Research Networking Awards YO10 5DD
65 Global Queer Cinema Research Networking Awards BN1 9RH
64 Drawing Out: a trans-disciplinary drawing network Research Networking Awards WC1V 7EY
63 Diplomatic Cultures: translations, spatialities, and alternatives Research Networking Awards WC1E 6BT
62 Translating Music Research Networking Awards SW15 5PU
61 Translation and Asylum Claims: matters of law, language and silence Research Networking Awards G12 8QQ
60 Subjects of Law: rightful selves and the legal process in imperial Britain and the British Empire Research Networking Awards PL4 8AA
59 National Trust Libraries: an untapped resource. A pilot study of Italian holdings at Belton House, Lincolnshire Research Networking Awards CB2 1RL
58 Internationalism and Cultural Exchange 1870-1920 (ICE) Research Networking Awards BS8 1TH
57 Human Mobility and Cultural History: the Italian case as an explanatory model Research Networking Awards OX1 1DW
56 English Evaluative Concepts in Translated Religious and Devotional Texts Research Networking Awards BT7 1NN
55 Chinese Film Festival Studies Research Networking Awards WC2R 2LS
54 Religious Sources of Languages of Citizenship in Nineteenth-and Twentieth-century Africa Research Networking Awards CB2 1QH
53 Behind the Looking-glass: ‘Other’-cultures-within’ translating cultures Research Networking Awards SE14 6NW
52 Islam Before Muhammad Fellowship Awards NG7 2QL
51 Sculpture in Painting: medial translations in Renaissance art Fellowship Awards EH8 9YL
50 Representations of Indian Indenture in Contemporary Caribbean Literature Fellowship Awards NG1 4BU
49 Rewriting the veteran: gender, geography, generation and the Algerian War Fellowship Awards PO1 2UP
48 German-language Literature and Transnationalism Research Networking Awards LS2 9JT
47 The Island, the Nation, the World: Sergio Atzeni and the post-modern definition of Sardinian ethnic identity Fellowship Awards LS2 9JT
46 Transcultural Encounters: postcolonialism in the visual arts Fellowship Awards BS8 1TH
45 A History of the Anglo-German Relationship, 1807-1952 Fellowship Awards WC1E 7HX
44 The Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1920 Fellowship Awards OX2 6JF
43 The Middle East: the rise and fall of an idea Fellowship Awards L39 4QP
42 Politics, Patriotism and Painting: the acquisition of British pictures by Australian National Galleries, 1860-1949 Fellowship Awards NE7 7XA
41 Cultural Hybridisation and Early Modern Globalisation: 17th-century English corporations and the development of a global dialogue about governance Fellowship Awards CT2 7NZ
40 Affective Relations: the transnational politics of emotion Fellowship Awards NE1 7RU
39 The cinema of Laurent Cantet Fellowship Awards NG1 4BU
38 Civilising Marriage: matrimony and the state in Imperial Germany, 1870-1914 Fellowship Awards S10 2TN
37 The Making of the Geneva Bible: histories of translation and reading Fellowship Awards CV4 7AL
36 Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting Fellowship Awards YO10 5DD
35 Translating Islamic values into civil society practice: Indonesian experiments in the creation of a cosmopolitan and cultural Islam Fellowship Awards WC2R 2LS
34 Shakespeare, Ralegh, Essex, Middleton and the Theatre of War, 1588-1618 Fellowship Awards LL57 2DG
33 A publishing and reception history of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” 1860-2012 Fellowship Awards SO17 1BJ
32 Ghosting Through: ficto-critical translation as a means of resisting the appropriations of history and place Fellowship Awards NE7 7XA
31 The French Resistance between Myth, Memory and Narrative Fellowship Awards OX1 2HB
30 Literary Testimony, Transnational Memories: the politics of transmission of Holocaust testimony in the German cultural field Fellowship Awards LS2 9JT
29 Caribbean Queer: desire, dissidence and the constructions of literary subjectivity Fellowship Awards RG6 7BE
28 Tosefta Shabbat: introduction, translation and commentary Fellowship Awards DH1 3LE
27 Diplomacy as translation: British foreign policy as a techno-cultural assemblage Fellowship Awards WC1E 6BT
26 An edition of Levant Travels, South Asia, and Anglo-Ottoman Diplomacy in Richard Hakluyt’s Principal Navigations (1598-1600) Fellowship Awards L69 7ZR
25 Queer Domesticities: homosexualities and home lives in twentieth-century London Fellowship Awards WC1E 7HX
24 Women in Early Indian Buddhism Fellowship Awards YO31 7EX
23 Translation in Medieval Francophone Texts and Manuscripts Fellowship Awards CV4 7AL
22 Translating the Poetry of the Holocaust Fellowship Awards NR4 7TJ
21 Intercultural Creativity in Electroacoustic Music: integrating Indian music cultural sound emblems into new works Fellowship Awards L16 9JD
20 Russomania: British modernism and the translation of Russian culture Fellowship Awards OX1 4AW
19 Translating Fashion: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, 1910-2010 Fellowship Awards WC1V 7EY
18 Haydn, Solfeggio, and the Art of Melody: a new approach to the classical style Fellowship Awards NG7 2QL
17 Translating the Egyptian Revolution: activist use of translation to connect with global publics and protest movements Fellowship Awards M13 9PL
16 A Genealogy of Political Proof: one hundred years of investigative commissions to Palestine, 1919-2009 Fellowship Awards CB3 9DN
15 Translating Cultures in International Dispute Resolution Research Development Awards NG7 2QL
14 Translating Performance Research Development Awards S10 2TN
13 Translating Tales of the Trickster Research Development Awards BS16 1QY
12 Researching and Documenting Key Words in European Migration Discourses Research Development Awards RG6 7BE
11 Creating Cultural Exchange and Change: the Royal Court Theatre’s international department Research Development Awards LN6 7TS
10 Translating Penal Cultures Research Development Awards NG7 2QL
09 Translation in Non-State Cultures: perspectives from Wales Research Development Awards LL57 2DG
08 Languages and international NGOs: cultural knowledge in communities in crisis Research Development Awards RG6 7BE
07 Media Across Borders Research Development Awards SW15 5PU
06 ARCTIC: Assessing and Reviewing Cultural Transaction in International Companies Research Development Awards GU2 7JP
05 Developing a New Framework for Understanding the Role of Cultural Products in Cultural Diplomacy Research Development Awards BA2 7AY
04 Transnationalizing Modern Languages: mobility, identity and translation in modern Italian cultures Large Grant Awards BS8 1TH
03 Translation and translanguaging: Investigating linguistic and cultural transformations in superdiverse wards in four UK cities Large Grant Awards B15 2TT
02 Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language: the Body, Law and the State Large Grant Awards G4 0BA