Translating Cultures

Exploring how languages, values, beliefs, histories and narratives can be shared and understood across different cultures and contexts.

Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language

Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language

Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language: the Body, Law and the State, Professor Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow

Translation and translanguaging

Translation and translanguaging

Translation and translanguaging: Investigating linguistic and cultural transformations in superdiverse wards in four UK cities, Professor Angela Creese, University of Birmingham

Transnationalizing Modern Languages

Transnationalizing Modern Languages

Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures, Professor Charles Burdett, University of Bristol



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    Common Cause Workshops 2017

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  • Common Cause Research Survey

    Common Cause Research Survey

    We are pleased to announce the Common Cause Research project has launched its survey looking at collaborative Arts and Humanities research between universities and Black and minority ethnic communities. We […]

  • Following-on Funding: Impact and Engagement Scheme

    The AHRC has launched a highlight notice for Follow-on Funding for its Impact and Engagement Scheme. Innovative applications which seek to explore novel, unanticipated pathways to impact which have emerged […]



  • Professor Stephen Burman

    The world is changing rapidly and government is reaching out to build stronger relationships with emerging powers as well as longstanding allies. Increasingly, diplomacy is about understanding and making contact with other peoples and cultures and not just government to government relations. If we are to maintain our influence in the world we need to understand the world around us and our place within it. The Translating Cultures theme will provide us with research into precisely these questions and the fCo is delighted to be supporting the theme as it develops and grows.


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